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New peer educators

New peer educators

The 20th Tshepanang workshop ended yesterday with 38 participants. For the first time in three years there were six newcomers to participate, and thanks to new donations to this project, it will be possible for these six newcomers to start as peer educators next year.
In these twenty years the curriculum of Tshepanang has changed several times, adapted to the new social situation and the change that most peer educators teach younger learners. It would have been a good idea to celebrate this 20th anniversary but due to COVID 19 this is not possible.
In this blog I will introduce you to one of the newcomers with whom I did an interview.

Bokamoso Chipeta is one of the new peer educators in Tshepanang

CH: Thank you for agreeing to tell something about yourself, your life and your participation in this workshop. Where do you live, who did you grow up with and how did your school career develop?
BC: I am Bokamoso Chipeta and I live in Signal Hill, a part of Mahikeng, with my two siblings and my parents. After Matric I wanted to become a teacher, but I was rejected at the university, so I studied network engineering in Johannesburg and completed it. I’ve been looking for work for two years and can’t find anything.

CH: Besides looking for a job, what have you been doing in the last two years?
BC: It was hard for me not to be able to do anything. Since I still wanted to be a teacher, I went to my old school and volunteered there. That made me very happy.

CH: How did you come to the Tshepanang workshop?
BC: Ann Mosing, one of the Peer Educators knows my father and she told him about the workshop and so she invited me to come.

CH: How do you feel among the Tshepanang peer educators?
BC: I really felt welcome and enjoyed their company. They helped me during the presentation and the preparations of the lessons and a gained confidence.

CH: Looking forward to next year being a Tshepanang peer educator where do you see challenges? Is there anything you are afraid of? What are you looking forward to?
BC: I am so happy that things are moving now that there is something happening and I will be finally in the situation of teaching children, what I really enjoy. Since I am not teaching alone but together with an experienced peer educator I am not afraid of anything. There is still plenty of time to acquaint myself with the curriculum and I can get up in the morning doing something useful and important. I trust that God will guide me in this journey.

CH: Thank you, Bokamoso, for the interview, I wish you God’s blessing for your start as a peer educator in 2021.