Spring is here!

Spring has arrived and the sun gets hotter day by day; we are still waiting for the first rain. All those in Tsibogang who hate and fear the winter have come out of their hiding places.

Early Learning Centres
Our staff members who are doing the Montessori course have been busy with their teaching practice which started in the beginning of August and will end at the end of September. They were visited by Hawa Tayob, the director of the Montessori Early Learning Training Institute in Cape Town which runs the course they are doing. She visited every student in her teaching practice and was very impressed with the progress everyone has made. But all were very nervous before she came. The day she visited our Early Learning Centre in Lomanyane
the children somehow picked up the excitement and stress of their teachers and froze when Hawa entered the room. On the last day of her visit those students who did not pass all their practical exams in August were given a second chance and all of them passed!

bild4I was very proud to meet the children of Magogoe after our three weeks of leave in Germany. A boy who sometimes challenges the teachers with his behavior came towards me and asked if he can show me flags of South African, Tanzania, Mauritius and Kenia. I was speechless and he came with the flags and explained to me the different colours .Even the Africa puzzle map some children have started dismantelling and putting it together.

Retreat Day For Home Care Givers
The first event in Spring was the Retreat Day for Tlamelang, our home care givers. We went out to a nice and quiet guesthouse in Zeerust, where we spent Friday and Saturday under the theme “ The Blessing of Seeing”. We reflected on the Magnificat of Maria and the text where Peter and John meet the lame man in front of the temple, saying : “Look at us”. God looks at each one of us with love and respect. We are also invited to look at others in this way.

bild2During the time of sharing we listened to one another intently; it was striking how many have serious conflicts within their families, where people avoid looking at each other nor speaking to each other. Prayer, silence and sharing is something which can heal and take off the burden. At the end we had time for drawing beautiful Mandalas and to connect to one another literally.

Financial Situation of Tsibogang
When Dr Hermann came back from his leave he enquired about the funding application at the South African Lottery which was long overdue. The outcome shocked all of us: they approved only 5% of what we had applied for. This will lead to serious financial constraints. In this situation it was very comforting for us to hear that HMG (a German Software Company from Heidelberg) has committed an additional 15,000 Euro towards our organization which we will use to buy food for the children in our centers.

Spring is here!
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