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Home based care workshop

Home based care workshop

This workshop was held at a nice and very welcoming resort called Thaga Moso that is situated at the Zeerust town. This workshop was a 5 day workshop whereby different home care givers of Tsibogang from their different regions met to study and share challenging situations and ways of treating their patients and vulnerable children with care and love.

This workshop was the first workshop in Tsibogang where by mutual teaching was introduced to enhance the care givers knowledge and their teaching skills when working with vulnerable kids that attend Tsibogang After School Programs. Mutual teaching is when caregivers are grouped into 8 teams where each group consisted of 3 or 4 members per group and present lessons to each other and each care giver was given a chance to prepare and present his/her part within his or her belonging group.

Each day of the workshop members or care givers were singing and sharing quotes from the bible and afterwards then came mutual teaching whereby different lessons about HIV were taught and discussed by the caregivers and their mentors and after the teaching, group members gave feedback to one another on where they need improvement and where there was success during the teaching. There was lots of fun and laughter when the small presentations by the caregivers to each other and in a whole class were done and there was too much participation by the members and their mentors .

Lessons such as TB, HIV and AIDS, adherence support, children’s rights, cervical cancer and ways of dealing with trauma and crises were discussed and taught during the workshop day by day and there was also a time where members shared their hurtful personal stories and how they were able to deal with those issues that had a bad and negative effect in their lives.

Each day members helped in preparing breakfast, tea, lunch and supper and we all took turns in doing so, even though it was cold especially in the morning but at the end of the day we all took part in preparing food which I regarded as team work and appreciation.

In front left (with the white gloves) Kelebogile Ngubelanga, the author of this report

Therefore, this workshop was very eye opening and very fruitful because even someone who attended the workshop for the first time would feel very important and became aware of the many things that really are important to us and that she was ignorant of before. That’s why it is important to learn every day and access information as much as we can in our lives so that we go around the whole world sharing the information to those who cannot access it the way we did.

Kelebogile Ngubelanga