Successful after school programs

There was a long pause in our reports. This was because December to mid-January was actually the summer holidays in Tsibogang and all activities were suspended. The other reason for the break was that Christel Hermann was seriously ill. We had to go to hospital in Johannesburg twice because of an acute knee sepsis, where she was operated on. This really messed up our plans. She is still not healthy. This is a big prayer request.

At the end of 2023, on December 2nd, we celebrated a successful year with many good memories. Thanks to the support of IDT (Independent Development Trust), the number of employees has increased significantly. World AIDS Day was commemorated on the very same day. Unfortunately, despite a lot of education and antiviral medication, HIV/AIDS is still a big problem in South Africa.

But there was also a lot to celebrate: The volunteers of the After School Programs who had managed that most of their children learnt to read in the past year received a gift. Of the 204 children who we tested for their reading skills at the beginning of the year,123 were actually able to read for meaning at the end of the year. This is equivalent to 60%! We are very proud of this, given the fact that trained teachers have not achieved this. The program for December 2nd was brought to life by various choirs, gumboots dance and a picture show from last year.

The work of the year 2024 has now begun. As always, we started with a workshop for those who teach in the homework programs. From January 8th to 12th, 2024, 31 childcare workers from the now 8 different after school programs were in HaPhororo. There was a Bible study every day, instructions on how to systematically teach children to read, and a hiking day. We dared to tackle reading in English for the first time. What do the children need to know so that they can learn to read in English? It’s not that easy because English has so many irregularities.

This year is special in some aspects: Last week Wolfgang Hermann started a project management course in which 12 people from our organization are taking part. They will be prepared to write applications to donor organizations in good English. Of the twelve, at the end of the year four will be selected to lead Tsibogang’s various projects when Wolfgang retires. According to her various tasks, Christel will train a person who will gradually take over the administration of the two kindergartens.

Thank you very much to all of you for all your support of our work through donations and prayers. God bless you!

Wolfgang and Christel Hermann

Successful after school programs
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