Tsibogang Annual General Meeting

On 26 May 2018 Tsibogang members gathered for their Annual General Meeting at Lomanyane, next to the office of Tsibogang Christian Action Group. As in the years before the coordinator was silently asking himself the question: Will enough members turn up so that we will be able to form a quorum? Indeed we were close to 100 members who came together on a chilly Saturday morning. The meeting started rather late and therefore ended late.

Mr. Links, the vice chairperson led us through a packed program whereby all action groups presented their achievements and their plans for the next financial year 2018/19. At times the chairperson of the day had to reprimand the members to listen and honour those who presented the reports but all in all the mood was relaxed and friendly. Here are some figures/achievements of the past year 2017 which were presented:

  • Tshepanang the action group which teaches life lessons has reached 5196 students/learners in 21 Primary Schools and 6 Secondary Schools in 2017. This huge task was done by 52 trained Peer Educators.
  • The Tlamelang Action Group reported the following: 2589 vulnerable children and orphans were visited at least four times per months and 357 guardians of these children received visits and support by our home care givers.
  • In our After School Program 455 orphans and vulnerable children were helped with their home works and they received a warm meal. Out of this number 150 children wrote a Math test and 70% of those showed an improvement of 10 % and more.

A debate started when the Tlamelang chairperson read that children coming late to the After school program should not be given food as a sort of punishment. The chairperson, Mrs. Theresa Mokgoro, did not accept this solution and asked if there are no other ways to solve the problem of late coming. After a lengthy debate it was finalized that punishing children by refusing to give them food should not be the order of the day in our centres; since we know that a big number of children need this meal to survive the day.

Dr Hermann & Itsholeng

Dr Hermann, the coordinator, presented the financial report and the budget for the new financial year: Both show that we need to trust in God to carry us through. The figures also showed that although we had to struggle here and there during the last financial year, we could see that God provided us with the necessary means to serve the people.

At the end a new management committee was elected: Mr. Links, Mrs Theresa Mokgoro , Matumelo Rauter, who have served in this committee for a long time were re-elected, each action group appointed their representative, as well as each church having more than 5 members in Tsibogang.

A big THANK YOU to all who made the work of Tsibogang Christian Action Group possible.

Tsibogang Annual General Meeting
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